Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Obama: Enemy Of The State And Nation

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January 28, 2014

Don White

Can you imagine anything more ridiculous than to assign the two bad boys of the Obama Administration to clean up the mess at the NSA?  Reforms are needed at the NSA, but we the people can't countenence a president who would figuratively name the same fox in the hen house who helped create the carnage and bad will the NSA now enjoys as it spies on "we the people" who own government.

Obama is speaking tonight to convince Americans he isn't such a bad guy himself. But his history the past six years tells us he is that bad boy. He is the leader of the bad boy Democrats who run the administration, and he can't blame his woes on George Bush this time. Obama is the most ruthless, inconsiderate president this country has ever endured. He is so far removed mentally from what the people of America, his bosses, want from an attorney general and a leader of a National Security Agency that he can't see the danger that they present, not only to the people, but to him, personally--to his legacy which right now is "The worst and most dangerous president" America has ever seen.

House Members Don’t Want Clapper Handling NSA Reforms

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WASHINGTON, Jan. 27 (UPI) — U.S. lawmakers on both sides of the aisle said Monday they don’t want intelligence chief James Clapper overseeing reform of the Nation’s surveillance programs.
“The continued role of James Clapper as director of national intelligence is incompatible with the goal of restoring trust in our security programs and ensuring the highest level of transparency,” six lawmakers wrote in a letter to President Obama.
“Asking Director Clapper, and other federal intelligence officials who misrepresented programs to Congress and the courts, to report to you on needed reforms and the future role of government surveillance is not a credible solution.”
President Obama recently outlined his vision for reforming the National Security Agency and suggested limits on its reach into Americans’ personal phone data. Obama gave Clapper and Attorney General Eric Holder the task of coming up with further reforms.
Clapper has come under scrutiny since he denied under oath last year the NSA spied on millions of Americans.
The six House members who signed the letter are Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), and Representatives Ted Poe (R-Texas), Paul Broun (R-Ga.), Doug Collins (R-Ga.), Walter Jones (R-N.C.) and Alan Grayson (D-Fla.)
They faulted Obama for providing reform directions that “fall short” of what’s necessary to provide “immediate and effective safeguards” to reform the NSA, The Hill reported.
“We cannot effectively guard our constitutional liberties and operate our national security programs with unresolved administrative questions,” they wrote. “Additional layers of bureaucracy and reporting directives cannot act as a substitute for concrete reforms and overdue transparency.”
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Friday, January 3, 2014

Snowden Should Be Given Amnesty

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December 3, 2014

More Congressmen Say They’re Open To Clemency Deal To Bring Edward Snowden Back To U.S.

“I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s more of a whistle-blower than a villain,” said Rep. Jim McGovern.posted on 
NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden. The Guardian / Reuters
WASHINGTON — A few members of Congress are now saying they believe the government should attempt to work out a deal to return Edward Snowden to the United States.
The National Security Agency’s loudest critics have remained largely quiet on what should happen to Snowden, the former contractor who leaked documents to reveal the extent of the agency’s massive domestic surveillance programs. But after theNew York Times editorial board called for clemency for Snowden, several members of Congress have said that the United States should at least be flexible when dealing with Snowden.
“I’ve come to the conclusion that he’s more of a whistle-blower than a villain,” Massachusetts Democrat Jim McGovern told BuzzFeed. “I’ve kind of wrestled with his actions for quite some time because part of me would like to think that in this country there is a process in place where people can do the right thing and not get punished for it. The more I learn about his particular case I’m not sure there was a process in place where he could have presented what he found out and actually changed things.”
“I’d rather have him in the U.S. than have him in Russia, and maybe there is an opportunity to work out some sort of a deal,” he added. “I think the outrage people in the administration have expressed toward Edward Snowden ought to be more focused on how the NSA broke privacy laws.”
McGovern tweeted on Thursday that the Times editorial was “thoughtful” and that he “agreed with much of it.”
Florida Rep. Alan Grayson went further, tweeting simply “Give him clemency,” along with a link to a story about Snowden.
Democratic Rep. Peter Welch of Vermont said the U.S. should be “flexible” with Snowden and was sharply critical of the NSA’s actions.
“Snowden may have a violated a law but the NSA violated the constitution, and when you acknowledge that, then just throwing the book at Snowden and turning a blind eye to the NSA is not a good outcome,” he said. “So I do believe that we should show some flexibility here that takes into account what he did and how he did it and takes into account what the NSA did and how it did it.”
At his final press conference of 2013, President Barack Obama said that he would “leave it up to the courts and the attorney general to weigh in publicly on the specifics of Mr. Snowden’s case,” but Snowden’s leaks had “done unnecessary damage to U.S. intelligence capabilities and U.S. diplomacy.”
Obama at the same press conference said he was taking an independent panel’s recommendations to reform the NSA “very seriously.”
“I’m going to assess, based on conversations not just with the intelligence community, but others in government and outside of government, how we might apply and incorporate their recommendations,” Obama said.
There has been plenty of bipartisan outrage on the Hill in regard to Snowden’s revelations about the NSA. Sens. Ron Wyden, Rand Paul, and Mark Udall have long called for reforms to the agency and have criticized the data collection programs. But Wyden has not weighed in on what should or should not happen to Snowden. Udall said last Sunday that Snowden should return to the U.S. to face the courts and that he “broke the law.”
“He ought to stand on his own two feet. He ought to make his case,” Udall said on ABC’s This Week. “Come home, make the case that somehow there was a higher purpose here, but Edward Snowden ought to come back to the United States.”
Paul last month called the actions of Director of National Intelligence James Clapper “probably more injurious to our intelligence capabilities than anything Snowden did” in an interview with CNN. He said both “broke the law.”
Sen. Richard Blumenthal, who worked with Wyden, Udall, and Paul on an NSA reform bill, wouldn’t weigh in on what should happen to Snowden but in statement to BuzzFeed said that Snowden’s status “should not distract us from the profoundly critical task of reforming the nation’s intelligence programs to make them more accountable and transparent and preserve key Constitutional rights as well as national security.”
“Regardless of how we view Mr. Snowden’s legal culpability, we can all agree that intelligence reform is vital to protecting rights to privacy and civil liberties and American security,” Blumenthal said.
The Times editorial also elicited a strong response from one of the NSA’s staunchest defenders, Rep. Peter King, who went on Fox News to accuse the paper of being a “blame-America-first rag” and “apologists for terrorists and go after those in law enforcement and military who are trying to win this war.”
McGovern said that he believed if the administration did not do something to reform some of the NSA’s programs, it would be incumbent on Congress to do so.
“I’m not saying Edward Snowden’s a hero, but the more and more I learn about the overreach by the NSA, and how privacy has been trampled, I think it’s outrageous,” he said. “That’s not the United States of America. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was happening in Russia or China, but not here.”

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Friday, December 20, 2013

Catholic Church and Democrat Party Have Similar Problems

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December 20, 2013

By Don White

Ha, ha, ha! Peter King for president? He won't get off first base among grass roots voters. He's a progressive calling himself a Republican. Rand Paul, however, is a patriotic conservative who is more interested in serving the people of the United States than going around like a big-headed, bad-mouth clown attacking other republicans which is exactly the aora of Peter King.
         I believe America needs more Rand Pauls. He is right on about the Obama executive branch of government becoming way too strong and, thus, wiping out some of our fourth amendment rights of privacy. The NSA should be banned from using its power against legitimate American citizens. It has widely oversteopoped its legal constitutional bounds and must be stopped.
         Frankly, as Paul says, I believe Edward Snowden did the world, particularly the U.S., a great service in revealing some of the wrongs with which the NSA under James Clapper have damaged this country and its law-abiding people. We are not, and should not be, a police state led by a dictator. Yet, Barack Obama is very close to being a dictator and I believe his end game is declaring his dictatorship at the end of his last four-year term and staying in the White House due to some trumped-up disaster or attack on this nation. Don't cast this thought away lightly. He is not only capable enough to pull it off, he has the support of many democrats who believe the best governance is dictatorship.

         Rep. Peter King is one of the progressives who will defend anything government does against its citizens, and he will be in Obama's corner if and when this great trumped-up disaster occurs in our country. 

         It is Edward Snowden who should be lionized and praised. He made public things that should not be happening in our society. Without his revealing of those secrets, this country would be in far more trouble than it is. Unfortunately, the low-information voters--I mean black America primarily with some excellent exceptions and I also mean Democrats as a party. They are the party of dictatorship. Their every move is to create a dictatorship in this country, and the Republican Establishment is falling right into their trap.
         We almost have a dictatorship already in the "Fourth Estate," meaning the press and media. Most of the radio and TV cable channels and stations do not hire true journalists these days, they hire sychophants who are really media people, public relations people fending off truth and liberty in broadcasting. Obama can say anything and these media people will defend him. Even if he suddenly declares that black is white and white is black--and I'm not talking racially. With Obama and the treacherous media people, truth is error or falsehood and lies are truth.
         We have never had a presidency that lied so frequently as Obama and his supporters and underlings have. I could write a book--I've already published dozens of articles--on the lies of the Obama Administration. and there seems to be no end to how blatantly they can lie, defended on the left by CNN, CNBC, ABC, my former company the Associated Press, and others. The print news side of the press is also flaky. The NY Times, for example, will print what this president wants it to print. But with them there is no consistency.
         They named Pope Francis "Man of the Year" one day and they denounced his chief principles and tennants the next. He is an adamant anti-abortion and anti-gay activist, for example, unlike many Catholic members in America. But, unfortunately, the Pope is a lot of other things, too. He will never become credible until he denounces and fires the priests and bishops who robbed little boys of their virginity and abused them so terribly that today the Catholic Church finances hang by a hair because of the multi-million-dollar reserves they had to put up to defend charges from many child abuse cases pending. What the Catholics do is discover a case of child abuse by one of their employees, keep it a secret for as long as they can, and transfer this errant clergyman to a far off place in the world, hoping the people won't make an issue of Catholicism's errors--or should I say terrible and outright unrighteous breaking of the laws of fornication and chastity which they preach from the pulpit. Never has thee been a more outrageous example of deceit and hypocracy.

Likely, the Pope's attorneys have advised him to do nothing about it until all of this is settled or blows over. That may be extremely bad advice. If the abominable Catholic Church lasts through the current century, it will be a miracle for them. But their duplicity is not good for their members, either. It diminishes the power of the Pope, and makes him less able to do the terribly hard work demanded as leader of the largest Christian denomination in the world, a 1.2 billion-member--albeit divided--church of strange rituals, strange clergy dress, and absolutely no priesthood of Jesus Christ. How do they manage this? Poorly, I suspect. It's a social order, not the true church of Jesus Christ. In fact, it is an abomination to our God as much as is Peter King an abomination to liberty and freedom. .  

         Have you ever wondered why the popular press doesn't criticize the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party? It is because they have lost their moral bearings--all three, the press, the Catholic Church in America, and the Democratic Party. There are people in the world who are watching the Catholics and the Democrats to see if they ever do really wash their dirty linen.  

Catholic sex abuse cases in the United States

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Main article: Catholic sex abuse casesCatholic sex abuse cases in the United States are a series of lawsuits, criminal prosecutions, and scandals over sexual abuse by Roman Catholic clergy.
The issue of child sexual abuse by Roman Catholic priests was first publicized in 1985 when a Louisiana priest pled guilty to 11 counts of molestation of boys.                  And[1] it was again brought to national attention when a number of books on the topic were published in the 1990s.[2] In early 2002 the Boston Globe covered the criminal prosecutions of five Roman Catholic priests in an article that won an uncontestedPulitzer Prize. The issue of child rape and sexual assault of Roman Catholic children became a national scandal.[3][4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11] The coverage of these cases encouraged others to come forward with allegations of abuse, resulting in more lawsuits and criminal cases.[12]         BishopAccountability.org, an "online archive established by lay Catholics," reports that over 3,000 "civil lawsuits have been filed against the church" in the United States,[13] some of these cases have resulted in multi-million dollar settlements with many claimants. The Roman Catholic Diocese of Dallas paid $30.9 million in 1998 to twelve victims of one priest ($44.3 million in present-day terms).[14][15] In July 2003 the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Louisville paid $25.7 million to "settle child sexual-abuse allegations made in 240 lawsuits naming 34 priests and other church workers."[14] In 2003, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston settled a large case for $85 million with 552 alleged victims.[16]         In 2004, the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange settled nearly 90 cases for $100 million.[17] In April 2007 the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon agreed to a $75 million settlement with 177 claimants and the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle agreed to a $48 million settlement with more than 160 victims.[18] In July 2007 the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles reached a $660 million agreement with more than 500 alleged victims, in December 2006, the archdiocese had a settlement of 45 lawsuits for $60 million.[19][20] In September 2007, the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diegoreached a $198.1 million "agreement with 144 childhood sexual abuse victims."[21]         In July 2008 the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Denver agreed "to pay $5.5 million to settle 18 claims of childhood sexual abuse."[22] The Associated Press estimated the total from settlements of sex abuse cases from 1950–2007 to be more than $2 billion.[20] BishopAccountability reports that figure reached more than $3 billion in 2012.[13][23] Addressing "a flood of abuse claims" five dioceses (Tucson, Arizona; Spokane, Washington; Portland, Oregon.; Davenport, Iowa, and San Diego) got bankruptcy protection.[20] Eight Catholic dioceses have declared bankruptcy due to sex abuse cases from 2004–2011.[24]         As it became clear that there was truth to many of the allegations and that there was a pattern of cover-ups in a number of large dioceses across the United States, the issue exploded into a nationwide scandal, creating a crisis for the Catholic Church in the United States. Allegations in the United States also encouraged victims in other nations to come forward, rapidly creating a global crisis for the Church. Over many decades, priests and lay members of religious orders in the Roman Catholic Church had sexually abused children on a scale such that the accusations reached into the thousands.[25] A major aggravating factor was the actions of Catholic bishops to keep these crimes secret and to reassign the accused to other parishes in positions where they had continued unsupervised contact with youth.
         Many of the accused priests were forced to resign or were defrocked. In addition, several bishops who had participated in the cover-up were also forced to resign or retire.[26] The dioceses in which the crimes were committed found it necessary to make financial settlements with the victims totaling in the hundreds of millions of dollars.[12] The revelations nationwide led to a "zero tolerance" policy by the National Council of Catholic Bishops. Reported incidences since that time have dropped substantially and, when they occurred, been reported by the church itself.

         I ask one question. Why isn't the Catholic Church and the Democratic Party on top of their crimes. Why don't they self-police? Why wait until lawsuits are filed for remedial action and penalties are meted out by courts before acting? This action should include getting rid of errant clergymen and public servants like Peter King and setting up some guidelines and barriers against priests molesting children and continuing to pay congressmen who look like jackasses, numbskulls and idiots as in the case of Peter King? It will take an informed electorate, the public waking up to these kinds of lawmakers, and voting them out of office. 

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Rep. Peter King: Rand Paul 'Disgraced His Office' With Clapper Attacks

Image: Rep. Peter King: Rand Paul 'Disgraced His Office' With Clapper Attacks
Thursday, 19 Dec 2013 08:20 PM
By Todd Beamon
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New York Rep. Peter King on Thursday ripped into Sen. Rand Paul for his attack on Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, charging that his fellow Republican "disgraced his office — and he owes General Clapper an apology immediately."

"That is absolutely disgraceful to compare General Clapper with a traitor," King, who confirmed to Newsmax in July that he was considering a bid for the GOP presidential nomination in 2016, told Wolf Blitzer on CNN.

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He was referring to Edward Snowden, the former National Security Agency subcontractor who leaked information about the government's vast electronic surveillance programs.Paul told Blitzer on Wednesday that Clapper posed a greater threat to the nation's security than Snowden.

"For Senator Paul to compare that patriot, General Clapper, with someone like Snowden — who is a traitor, who has put American lives at risk — Senator Paul should be ashamed of himself," King said. "It's an absolute disgrace."

Paul, who represents Kentucky, said in his interview that Clapper's testimony to Congress in March — in which he said that the NSA "not wittingly" collected data on millions of Americans — amounted to "lying."

Clapper later called the statement "clearly erroneous" and apologized to Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California, who chairs the Senate Intelligence Committee.

Paul told Blitzer on Wednesday that Clapper's testimony was "probably more injurious to our intelligence capabilities than anything Snowden did.

"Clapper has damaged the credibility of the entire intelligence apparatus — and I'm not sure what to believe anymore when they come to Congress," Paul said.

In his attack on Paul, King said that Clapper had been put "in an impossible position" in the committee's public session, since the member who posed the question, Democratic Sen. Rob Wyden of Oregon, had obtained more specific information in a classified meeting.

"He knew that General Clapper could not give the full answer because it would let our enemies know what we were doing," King told CNN. "The question was wrong. General Clapper gave the best answer he could."

King, a former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, also said that he opposed a letter released on Wednesday by seven House Republicans calling for the Justice Department to begin a criminal investigation of whether Clapper had lied to Congress at the March hearing.

The letter, King said, came from "the isolationist wing of the party," likening it to "radical left-wing Democrats of the 1960s."

"These are people who are apologizing for America," the senator said. "That is not the Republican tradition. That is not the tradition of Ronald Reagan. That is not a Republican position."

King lodged into his rant against Paul as he attacked a report released on Wednesday by a presidential advisory committee that recommended the NSA be limited in how it seizes Americans' telephone and Internet records without court approval.

"This commission is caving in to political correctness," King told Blitzer. "The fact is no Americans have had their rights violated. No American citizens' calls are being listened to unless they're in contact with terrorists. No one's name is on file, no one's address is on file. This is a totally phony issue."

The interview began with King endorsing the bipartisan legislation introduced by 26 senators that would tighten sanctions on Iran if it violates the nuclear deal reached with world powers last month or lets the accord expire without a long term agreement.

The senators, 13 Republicans and Democrats each, defied President Barack Obama in putting forth the sanctions bill and drew a veto threat.

"If Iran is serious about the agreement, they should have no problems with the sanctions," King said. "The sanctions only kick in if they don't comply with the agreement.

"The president should want these sanctions as a weapon to hold over the Iranians," he added. "The president is making a very serious mistake in threatening to veto this bill."

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